Will school start next month like Trump says

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Mee Maw

I am concerned about kids being made to go to schools while virus is still attacking people and killing them. States who thought they were safe proved by opening up state has caused them to have more attacks that continues today. It will b wiser for all kids to b giving a tablet & time on internet only to take classes from teachers this will b safer for child and should virus gets worse in Gibson county their learning will continue on line with no time lost for them. We have to prepare for the worse and pray for the best so our children will not be hurt. Each family that can't pay for tablet will be giving one that they will turn in at end of year. Parents lets put kids health and lives first, and accept things will never be the same but we have to show kids how to handle the worse problems that will be the safest. It is not up to us to please President our Gov is who we voted in it is his job to but lives first.

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Sir Fartsalot

Hey Mee Maw, since you are so wise, can you tell me about the brown stains in my underwear? I noticed the stains after dining at Taco Bell. Do you think that maybe I pooped my pants? Please help.

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Hormel Huggies

Eat my chili diaper.

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